Gel Overlays


A set of Gel Overlays on your natural nails. (no extensions) These can last anything between 10-21 days without chipping. Most clients get around 2 weeks wear from these. Can be done on either hands or feet.


Soak Off & New Sets of Gels


We do not charge for a Soak Off if you are getting another set of Gels done. Having them soaked off properly will help keep your natural nails in good condition.


Soak Off Only


As it says, a Soak Off Only. It is very important not to pick your gels off by yourself as this can ruin the condition of your nails.


Set Of Gels & Hand/Arm Massage


This price is with a new set of Gels, whether that is a brand new set or a soak off and set. It then includes a Hand & Arm massage for a little extra luxury.


Basic Manicure


This includes a cuticle tidy, shape with file, a little TLC with cream and a polish if desired. If no polish is desired, an oil will be applied instead.


Luxury Manicure


This includes the same as the basic manicure but with the indulgence of some added extras, which includes, a scrub, mask with heated mitts and a Hand & Arm Massage.




Quick Cuticle Tidy


This does not take long. It is just a quick tidy of the cuticles, a file and a little cream.


Hand & Arm Massage


Sometimes our hands and arms get tired so why not treat yourself to a little massage.


Things to Remember

Gels are dry instantly so there are no worries about leaving and smudging your nails. You can put your footwear straight on after a treatment if you are getting your feet done.

Remember to bring your flip flops if you are having a pedicure.

Please do not pick Gels off or use your nails as tools. This will ruin your nails and will result in your Gels not lasting as long.

If you have your Gels done regularly make sure when your rebook your next appointment that you include the soak off as well as the new set as extra time is needed for your appointment. The soak off is free with any new set of Gel Overlays.(This does not include Gel Extensions, but again, please allow the time needed for the soak off when you book your next appointment).


Book an appointment

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