Cellulite Reduction




Cellulite Reduction

1 Session

Approx 40 Minutes











Cellulite is the accumulation of Adipose Tissue in certain areas of the body forming nodules of liquids, toxins and fat cells. These accumulations of fat are usually located inthe thighs, inside the knees and the buttocks area and normally affects women more.

This treatment first stimulates the lymphatic system, followed by the vacuum cups dispersing the appearance of cellulite through the lymphatic system. Finally is the freezing and tightening your skin. Please note, this treatment can cause delicious discomfort. 


Please be aware:

  • Even though this is a non-surgical treatment, there may be some delicious discomfort due to the moulding, vacuuming and freezing part of the process.
  • You may require around 6 sessions in order to achieve the desired result, but this may vary depending on each individual body type. Future maintenance will normally be needed as well.
  • You may not necessarily see results instantly as the fat needs to disperse after being broken down by the treatment.
  • Bruising may occur after the treatment so it is not advisable to get this done right before a special occasion/holiday.
  • Following treatment, it is recommended that clients drink 6 glasses of water each day and avoid dark liquids and liquids that are full of sugar/fat. We would recommend you the follow a healthy lifeatyle and advise dry body brushing daily to achieve maximum results.













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