Abdominal Cyro-Therapy (Fat Freezing).

This is a non-invasive treatment for reducing body volume and skin toning.

Please note that for ladies we would not recommend this treatment during your menstrual cycle.


Abdominal Tightening

1 Session

Approx 1 Hour









This is a deep, cold treatment which works by freezing and killing the adipocytes (fat cells). These are subsequently eliminated through the Urinary sytem thus reducing the volume of body mass and aiding skin tightening. 

This treatment is mainly for the abdomen and is ideal for clients with small to medium size pockets of fat tissue. For the larger person, it can also be used on the back, love handles, hips and legs. 


Please be aware:

  • Even though this is a non-surgical treatment, there may be some delicious discomfort due to the vacuuming and freezing part of the process.
  • Due to the body part which is being treated, you will be expected to expose a large area of your body.
  • Most clients will require 12 sessions in order to achieve their desired result and maintenance after the treatment will normally be needed as well.
  • You may not necessarily see results instantly as the fat needs to disperse after being broken down by the treatment.
  • There will be redness to the area after your session and you may also experience a little numbness due to the freezing part of the treatment, but this should not last long.
  • You should drink plenty of water after this treatment, and you are also encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle to achieve optimum results.








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